This page is a compilation of free resources that already exist on the internet. These are all materials that I use and share with my peers and mentees.

With that, I cannot take any credit at all for basically everything here; I am simply hoping that this can serve as just one more source of information that will be helpful to someone who might not have seen these otherwise!

This is very much a work-in-progress. If there is something that should be added / removed, please email:

Applying to Graduate School


Staying Organized

Project management tools

  • Asana (what I personally use)

  • Trello

  • Monday

Citation management tools

  • Zotero (what I personally use)

  • Mendeley

  • Evernote


  • A professor recommended naming all files with the year first, which makes things chronological when sorting by name (e.g., 2022_0208_paperDraft1_fang).

  • Always comment everything on your code! Always.

Mental Health

Data Analysis

Data science and programming

Analyses and interpretations

  • UCLA and UVa have amazing tutorials

Social networks


  • As many professors have confirmed, learning how to program is learning how to Google the answers! It is very intimidating at first, but once you learn that everyone is always Googling everything anyway, it's not so bad.