My main line of research aims to examine how (1) how people perceive status influences (2) how people connect with each other.

(1) Status perceptions

  • People use a combination of cues such as income, number of friends, etc.

  • How do lay perceptions weigh each of these components?

(2) Social connection

  • Status perceptions emerge in both short-term, perhaps brief, social connections such as a conversation as well as longer-term, perhaps permanent ones such as relationships or real-life social networks.

  • How do perceptions of status influence both short- and long-term forms of social connections?

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Status perceptions and interpersonal connection

  • 2022 SPSSI Conference (Poster)

  • 2022 Cornell Graduate Recruitment Colloquium (Flash Talk)

  • 2022 6 College Conference (Data Blitz)

Social networks, socioeconomic status, and well-being

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