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Courtney, A., Baltiansky, D., Fang, W.M., Roshanaei, M., Aybas, Y., Samuels, N., Wetchler, E., Wu, Z., Jackson, M.O., Zaki, J. (2023). Social microclimates and well-being. Emotion

Manuscripts in progress

Fang, W.M., Zayas, V. (in prep). Status perceptions and their downstream consequences. 

Fang, W.M., Courtney, A., Jackson, M.O., Zaki, J. (under review). Low-socioeconomic college students face wellbeing gaps and perceive fewer social connections. 

Zaki, J., Fang, W.M., Morelli, S. (under review). Empathy detection in real-world communities. 

Conference presentations

In-person presentations at academic conferences (SPSP 2020, SPSSI 2022, SPSP 2023)

Poster presented at SPSSI 2022 Conference